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the goddess afloat

the only one that inspires me is you my love

Amy Divine
18 June
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a clockwork orange, absynth, amorphis, ancient arts, art, astrology, banana baby food, being his goddess, black, blood, body jewerly, body modification, brandings, bubble baths, chasing amy, ck tees, clothes, clubs, corsets, cradle of filth, cuddling, darkness, debates, dickinson, eating disorders, enlightenment, erotic biting, erotica, essays, evilness, fashion design, fetish, fishnets, flannel sheets, flowers, french toast, fuzzy sweaters, geeky glasses, genitorturers, glitter, green tea, growls, hair dye, heavy comforters, history, horror movies, inside jokes, jelly belly jellybeans, jewerly, kevin smith, kickboxing, knowledge, kurt cobain, lace, law, leather, leopard print, lesbains, lifehouse, literature, local bands, love, makeup, massages, masturbation, memories, mindless self indulgence, music, my breasts, my buddy dolls, my friends, my hair, my lover, my ruin, myself, mythology, nail polish, nick's moans, night time, nighties, nirvana, orgasms, pasta, pez, philiosophy, piercings, pilates, pink, poe, poetry, politics, porn, power, reading, religion, retail slut, roasted marshmallows, running, rush, san antonio, sappy movies, seduction, self injury, sex, sexy clothes, sexy tummies, shakespere, shape magazine, short skirts, sin 13, sonnets, spanking, spongebob squarepants, steve madden shoes, suicide, sunsets, surprises, tall skinny pale guys, tarot, tattoos, the gift, the kama sutra, the moon, the occult, the white rabbit, theatre of tragedy, theology, theory, thongs, toe socks, toenail polish, tommy girl, type o negative, undies, vampire movies, vampires, vinyl, vivian, vocals, water, witchcraft, working out, writing, xtina, yoga