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Gone [22 Nov 2003|11:41am]

I'm gone.
touch the divine

New Layout [24 May 2003|10:51pm]
New layout. Xtina, super soft, pretty, almost dream like. I'm not apologizing for yet another Xtina layout, because I am going to marry this girl. Muhahahah.

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The War : Public Post [18 Mar 2003|11:42am]
[ mood | angry ]

I know this how war may sound to all of you, but it's not over. Not even after we defeat Iraq. Why? We still have to take care of North Korea. I know that war is bad, but it is a necessary evil. How many of you are prepared to be bombed with nuclear weapons? Not many of you. And this is what Saddam is coming to.

Every generation wants something to protest. This is not the 60's and this is not an unnecessary war. This is not the Korean War. This is about Americans being slaughtered by a crazy dictator, this is about Saddam killing his own people, torturing them. How many of you would like to watch your family die, daughters be raped, and you yourself be raped or killed? That's what he does to his own people everyday.

I am tired of everyone's whiny crap. Your not going to Kuwait, to Iraq. GET THE FUCK OVER IT!!!!! My cousin is in Kuwait right now. He is prepared to die for a higher cause. He is prepared to die so you don't have to. Show some fucking support. Ungrateful bastards.

(This is not directed at you sweetwater_kill. You just remained me of how everyone is whining but no one wants to do anything. )

No one is educated enough to see what needs to be done. Study Iraq for a bit people. Like I have had to to be in international law. Take some of these classes on foreign policy and see how these dictators cut off people's limbs for stealing, stone them to death, and basically act like an unglorified Hitler. You don't know what goes on in Iraq.

Don't criticize unless you can back it up. I know this will piss a lot of you off and let me make it clear that I don't give a fuck.

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Friend's are important. That's why this is friends only. [26 May 2002|01:14pm]
I have decided to make this journal friends only. It's not that I am paranoid. I just think that.. well I changed journals to get past the drama. So, maybe I shouldn't give the drama a chance to come in the first place. So, leave a message down there and tell me you added me and I'll add you back.

Otherwise, it's pointless for you to be here.
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